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"The Wind Cries Mary" is the second episode of the fourth season of Archer.


Lucas Troy

This episode revolves around Sterling's best (only?) friend, Troy.

Archer and his former best friend Lucas Troy are holed up in the Vermont wilderness, fighting hard to come out on top.[1] Pam has everyone at ISIS do peer reviews but Cyril and Lana have some serious issues with the reviews. 

Synopsis Edit

During a meeting, Malory mentions peer reviews are due, which everyone but Pam aren't excited about. Another topic is on former ISIS trainee, Lucas Troy. Archer fondly reminisces their time together during training, but Malory is still angry that Troy left ISIS for ODIN at the last minute. The news as to why he's on the meeting itinerary is that he's reported dead. The ODIN mission was for Lucas to pose as a scientist to lure out a black market dealer. The switch was suppose to deal with fake uranium, but Troy somehow acquired real uranium, which cause four ODIN agents dead, the bad guys dead, and Troy dying in a plane crash, with his dental records proving his death.

Archer isn't convinced however, and asks Ray to setup a sat search for him. During that time, Archer gets a call from Woodhouse, and leaves to deal with his lemur. Lana goes to the armory, only to be introduced to Rodney, the new armory supervisor. When she asks about what Archer took, he reads that he has gotten out MP5's, 2,000 rounds for the guns and M2 Frag Grenades along with survival rations, night vision goggles, and snow wear. Lana realizes the call wasn't about the lemur, Troy is actually alive and contacted Archer. Archer is seen leaving for Vermont to meet up with him.

Lana and Cyril follow him, while Cyril takes her peer review (mostly negative due to her behavior). Meanwhile, Archer and Troy reconnect, with Archer focusing on taking down the mole. Troy however, introduces him to an old cottage they could use for a bed and breakfast. Troy isn't too worried about looking for the mole, since he's getting tired from spy work, and slips that he has enough money for the payments along with his whereabouts already known to ODIN. Before they can continue on, one of the alarms goes off. Cyril accidentally tripped a wire up, and Troy is fully aware that Lana and Cyril are here. Troy loads up to kill the two (much to Archers' concern) as they're a danger to his future with Archer (much to his confusion).


  • The title of this episode comes from the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name, said to be inspired by the potential loss of his then girlfriend. Mary, like Nancy, is also archaic slang for "homosexual."
  • When asked how Lucas could have disappeared, Archer said "Paging Dr. Cooper! Dr. D. B. Cooper!" D. B. Cooper is a man who famously mysteriously disappeared with a case full of money after parachuting from a hijacked plane.
  • Krieger's offer to hoodlums during the arms deal for a gallon of irradiated ants is a callback to earlier in the episode when he tried to give himself ant strength.
  • Lana apparently was led to assume that Archer bought his lemur Reggie, which was actually stolen by Archer and some prostitutes in the episode Honeypot.
  • Ray tracks Archer's cell phone to a house north of Bennington, Vermont, which he correctly assumes to be a "bed and breakfast." Vermont is famous for them, and they are often made from converted houses. Malory retorts "You should know," which, in addition to the plot, is a reference to a stereotype about homosexuals and these types of establishments.
  • Archer's ringtone is an instrumental version of the Kenny Loggins song 'Danger Zone'
  • While tracking Lana, Cyril, and Lucas, Archer sees the tree Lana shot at, saying he "desperately hopes it isn't an Ent." He then wonders if he's gay for Tolkien. This is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" books, in which there are giant tree creatures known as Ents.
  • Lana uses her combat knife to cut Cyril's tank top and orders him to remove his briefs, saying "Get naked. Panties, Too." This is a reference to the famous rape scene in Deliverance. This film was referenced before in the series[2], as Archer is very fond of Burt Reynolds (as is Adam Reed).[3][4][5]
  • Cyril complains about Lana calling his briefs "panties," saying "They're called briefs." Her reply, "Yeah. You're a grown man." is a reference to a stereotype about this type of underwear, that young boys wear briefs and grown men wear boxers.
  • Lana constructs a trap by using her knife to weaken a smaller tree that is holding up a big tree and using her and Cyril's clothes as a makeshift rope to pull and break the weakened tree, saying "You know what they say. Big hands, big dick." This is in reference to a commonly held belief that the size of one's hands (or feet) is relative to penis size.[6] It is also the first time Lana has made a joke about her own hands, and the second time the strength of said hands has been used as a plot element.[7]
  • Archer wonders why Troy didn't get drugged after drinking the same wine and Troy tells him that it was in Archer's glass, not the wine itself. This is a reference to the second season of Justified, in which this method of delivering a poison is used twice. Lucas Troy is voiced by Timothy Olyphant, who plays the lead character in Justified. Later, in Live and Let Dine, Lance Casteau poisons the Albanian ambassador the same way.
  • When Cyril holds up the peer review letter, most of the text can be read.  It says "Employee is unsatisfactory partner.  lack of organization evidenced by pushing, shoving, hitting, and name calling.  Employee is frequenty distracted by her personal life while in the field.  She is short tempered, mean, and often takes her clothes off for, like, no reason.  Employee is often drunk in the workplace, does NOT WASH HANDS after using restroom.  [covered by finger] not let me leave a toothbrush at her place but expected I would rub her [covered by finger] as large as her hands.  Once [covered by hand] her bathroom for forgetting [covered by hand, scribbled out] broccoli for stir Friday."
  • Crenshaw (or Kremenski) makes a brief appearance in the flashback at the beginning of the episode.
  • While Archer is in the woods, he starts worrying about the Predator. This is a callback to "El Contador" when Archer is being hunted along with Lana.

Quotes Edit

  • (Pam is hit by ice cubes thrown by Archer)

Pam: "Ow, Jesus!"

Cheryl: "(laughing) It's just like my birthday party all over again! Remember?"

Pam: "No?"

Cheryl: "Yeah, because you weren't invited."

  • Archer: [voicemail] "Lana, listen."

Lana: "No, you listen! We're--"

Archer: "(horn blares)"

Lana: "Ow!"

Archer: "(laughing), leave it! (beep)"

Phone: "The voicemail box of -- (horn blares)--"

Lana: "Ah."

Phone: "--is full. Goodbye. (dial tone)"

  • Archer: "Noooooo!"
  • Archer: "Can we have the radio?"

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