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Training Day
Training Cyril
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Directed by Mack Williams
Written by Adam Reed
Production code AR01002
Original air date January 14, 2010 (official)
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"Training Day" is the second episode of the first season of Archer. It was aired January 14, 2010 alongside the episode "Mole Hunt".

Plot summary Edit

Malory begins to suspect that Lana's feelings for her son, Archer, are beginning to resurface. Hoping to readjust Lana's desires so they are geared towards her current boyfriend, Cyril, she promotes Cyril to a field agent and assigns Archer the job of training him. Archer briefs Cyril of his multiple training tactics, including learning Krav Maga and using concealable weapons (such as an underwear gun) which have a tendency to malfunction "for, like, no reason." One of his sessions involves trying to both kill an assassin (portrayed by Archer's butler, Woodhouse) and a damsel, Trinette, a prostitute Archer has befriended. During the session, however, Cyril accidentally poisons the prostitute and both he and Archer pronounce her deceased.

The pair put the prostitute in Archer's trunk and drive off, hoping to dispose of the body in a disclosed location. However, the car begins to be shot at by an unknown pursuer. Archer tries to maneuver away from the gunfire while shooting at the car with his own gun. When Cyril criticizes him for supposedly not performing such tasks coherently, Archer threatens to eject from the car using an escape hatch on the roof, which Cyril frowns upon. The pursuer eventually ceases fire and reveals herself to be Lana, who has discovered Archer's assignment and disapproves, so she punishes Cyril by forcing him to buy interracial pornography from a kind elderly woman at the video store. Archer discovers after their departure that the prostitute in the trunk is in fact alive and is forced to not only pay her obscene amounts of money as collateral, but also give her his car, leaving him stranded

Meanwhile, Malory becomes temporally blinded after having an allergic reaction to zucchini. Seeing this as an opportunity to help themselves, secretary Cheryl and human resources representative Pam hack into ISIS's computer mainframe from Malory's office and alter their files, allowing them better health care and other desires they could not achieve themselves. The whole time, Malory rants about how disgruntled she is about her life choices.

Main Cast Edit

Guest Star Edit

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The name of the episode could be a reference to Training Day, a 2001 movie.
  • Archer calls Krieger his Oprah. Oprah Winfrey is a famous syndicated tabloid talk show host.
  • Pam refers to Cheryl as Karen Carpenter's stunt double. Karen, a member of The Carpenters was famous for having Anorexia.
  • Krav Maga is mentioned as the martial arts practiced by ISIS agents. Krav Maga is a martial art specifically develop by Mossad the Israeli intelligence service.
  • Archer says that Karate is the Dane Cook of martial arts.
  • "Chekhov's Gun" is a literary device on which the name of Archer's underwear pistol is a pun. However, the actual "Chekhov's gun" turns out to be the "poison" pen.
  • When talking about irony, Archer mentions O. Henry and Alanis Morissette.
  • In a flashback to his childhood, Archer receives a telegram from his mother saying "AJAX a success, Tehran is ours!" revealing she was involved in the 1953 Iranian coup d'etat
  • Archer is referred to being like James Bond.
  • Archer is incensed when Lana isn't upset at Cyril for his deception and asks, "So he just gets a pass? Like Milton Berle?” Like Cyril, Milton Berle was known to have an extremely large penis.

Running GagsEdit

  • Not So Secret Agent - Archer, while being extremely drunk, announces out loud that he is a Secret Agent.
  • Identity Crisis - Cheryl tells Archer that she has legally changed her name to Carol because what he always calls her.
  • Scapegoat Jane - Pam passes the blame onto Jane for her and Cheryl giving Malory zucchini slices, which she is allergic to instead of cucumber slices.
  • Well Endowed - Reference to Cyril's well endowment is made when its discovered that he attempted to get the ISIS heath care plan to cover a penis ensmallment.
  • Password: Guest - For the second time a ISIS computer is revealed to have "Guest" as a password, this time it is for the ISIS Health Plan Admin Override.


  • Archer lists several "spy techniques" in the elevator, one of them a "honeypot" is also the name of a future episode.
  • Archer's favorite spy technique is the Honeypot
  • This is the second episode to feature a unspoken Krieger.

Quotes Edit

Archer: God, I said the cap slips off the poison pen for no reason, didn't I?
Cyril: I know, but I just assumed that if anything bad happened that it would have been...
Archer: No, do not say the Chekhov Gun, Cyril. That, sir, is a facile argument.
Woodhouse: And also, woefully esoteric.
Archer: Woodhouse...
Woodhouse: Fetching a rug, sir.
Cyril: Hey, so how did you know where I was?
Lana: When we first started going out... I may have... injected a tracking device into your body.
Cyril: In my body?
Lana: Baby...
Cyril: No, now that is that is a breach of trust Lana
Lana: Do you really want to open this can of trustbreachy worms right after I caught you and my ex-boyfriend with a dead hooker in the trunk?
Cyril: I do not
Lana: You do not

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