Cheryl, her brother Cecil and their parents.

The Tunt Family is a wealthy East Coast family that rivals the Vanderbilts. Of them, the most prominent in Archer is Cheryl Tunt, ISIS's inept secretary. One of her ancestors is Cornelius Tunt, modelled after Cornelius Vanderbilt, who also was a railroad tycoon mentioned in "The Limited".

Known members of the Tunt FamilyEdit

Known holdings of the Tunt FamilyEdit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • It is hinted throughout Season 5 that mental illness may run in the Tunt Family, with Cheryl describing odd behavior of past relatives including the creation of secret tunnels to tap into the Underground Railroad (believing it to be a real railroad) to capture escaped slaves in 1890, as well as multiple instances of relatives dressing up as ghosts (which could be a KKK reference.)

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