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Young Mr. Grace taking a moment out of his busy day for one of his many whores.

My father touched my butthole. This made me thirst for knowledge. - Sir Isaac Newton

Some trivial things you'd surely not care to know about me, are as follows -

  • I spent the entire year of 1968 stalking lobster boy of the Barnham and Bailey circus.
  • My favorite hobby involves taking photos with the grave stones of dead celebrities.
  • I once played Metal Gear Solid 4, and made it all the way to the end, without attempting suicide.
  • I really hate wire hangers.
  • I often blame the Jews for household messes.
  • I have an unending hatred for anything relating to Ryan Reynolds or Brendon Frazer.
  • I threw the brick that made George W. Bush the man he is today.
  • I invented brand loyalty, back in the 30s, when I took out a full page ad in the paper, to profess my undying love for Aunt Jemima, and her luscious, full bodied syrup.
  • I am not above arguing with the TV.
  • I have never found anything positive in a crawl space.

All of these statements are extremely factual and admissible in a court of law. I don't know why I said that, but, there it is.

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