LED leather eye protection desk lamp

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1、LED lighting technology, soft and not dazzling light

2、using high performance LED light source and components, light effect is more concentrated and bright

3、high sensitivity touch button, elegant control experience

4、HD VA LCD display, with alarm clock function

5、 three LED lighting brightness adjustment, to adapt to a variety of lighting requirements

6、 product storage is convenient, silicone goose arm design is easier to spot, need to adjust to the best angle

7、low energy consumption design, compared with the incandescent lamp power saving efficiency can reach 80%

8、 the light source does not contain tungsten, mercury and other toxic metals, refused to environmental pollution, to create a new life of low carbon environmental protection

9、 long service life, the service life is more than 30000 hours


1 charging input: DC5V/1A

2 product material: ABS+ silica gel

3 power: 6W

4 color temperature:5000K-6000K            

5 illumination: 30CM>950LUX

6 flux: 200LM

6 Color: black, coffee

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