For everyone's information :

I have posted a request on Denysiayu's Talk Page to be added as an Admin for this wiki, however do not have high hopes of a response since they have not made an edit almost a year.

The OTHER ADMINS have also not made an edit in a very long time. Their last edits being :

Considering the activity of the Admin's I think I should consider Adopting the wiki especially since the new season is fully underway and the Top Navigation & Front Page are in need of being updated, which only Admins have the rights to do so.....

If anyone is interested in finding out more about who I am, my wiki background and what I've been up to on this great wiki please look over the request I posted on Denysiayu's Talk Page found < HERE >

Please Feel free to look over the work I have done on this site < My Contributions > and if you have any concerns about me adopting the wiki please feel free to comment here.

Thank You

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