Hello...Archerites? Really? That's what we're calling ourselves? Can't we just call ourselves Archer fans? I know making up silly names for fandoms is fun and all, but aren't there any better names than Archerites? Regardless, I became an Archer fan late last year when it began syndication on Comedy Central as well as FX and its sister channel FXX through Archer: Nocturnal Missions, airing reruns of the show Tuesdays into Wednesdays and Fridays into Saturdays at midnight after blocks of Every Simpsons Ever. I like Archer for most of the reasons I think you do- its writing is more consistently smart than almost every other adult cartoon currently airing, it's more edgy and boundary-pushing than even South Park has been as of late, its animation is probably the most high-quality to ever come out of Georgia, and its comical anachronisms, while occasionally restrictive of some creative possibilities, such as limiting ways the show could deal with real-life terrorist organizations like the real ISIS, make it a clever satire on the culture of classic James Bond while also keeping it mostly modern. In regards to the whole ISIS thing, I guess the show might not be as funny if the team fought real-life terrorist organizations, even ones that, in the show's universe, could "steal the team's name", but if South Park can turn terrorists into punchlines, I think Archer can too. Thank you for reading, and may Judy Greer get a major role in a film someday soon.