So, last night I was watching FX and the episode The Man From Jupiter was on, I missed out on watching it when it first aired, so I tuned in and I lost it!


Sterling is out of this world when he meets his hero, the too cool for school, Burt Reynolds, but it shocked when he finds out that he is dating Malory.

My Reaction

This is a hillarious show, with a great writing crew and a great voice cast, but he minute you cast Burt Reynolds in anything, for the love Chirst, you can cast him in a documentary about rain drop and make it badass!

The episode was hillarious, I almost died laughing, like eyery episode I watch. My favorite part was when Burt and Sterling are in the car and he says, 'if you don't let me go, when I get free, you are going to wish you were in hell with your back broken'. At this point, I couldn't breathe. When I learned that Burt Reynolds was in this, I found out about this in the summer, I couldn't sleep, I was too psyched!

The episode was a kick ass expierience!