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  • Denysiayu

    So in the last episode, "Drastic Voyage: Part I" Slater told Archer, "after this is over, you and me!" So just curious, who do you think would win in a fight between Archer and Slater? 

    These are my stats for fights against Archer: 

    Archer > Cyril (Because Cyril is Cyril...) 
    Ray > Archer (Because Ray is part cyborg, and now that he has a new cyborg hand, well ya know)
    Archer = Slater (Not sure who would win?)

    Just curious what are your stats for Archer VS. __________ (Fill in the blank with whoever you want)? 

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  • Denysiayu

    Hey guys, 

    So I just put up the season 6 episode guide, and I'm half delirious on medication, because I'm sick, but if anyone is having any issues with how dark the purple is, please let me know, and I will change it to a lighter color. 


    P.S. I've made the season 6 page locked for only people who are registered users to edit. I saw that some random person decided to take the first episode's link off. Which is not cool people. 

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  • Denysiayu

    Lana's Baby

    March 12, 2014 by Denysiayu

    So just curious, what do you think is the gender of Lana's baby? Will it be a boy, or a girl? 

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  • Denysiayu

    I know that we've already seen Ramon Limon, and Mr. Moto in Season 5 of Archer. Just wondering who everyone else wants to see in season 5? I kind of want to see Conway Stern, and maybe Len Trexler. 

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