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    Most of the time, episodes are aired in the order they take place in. But sometimes, that doesn't happen. The most notable example of which is when Bilbo died in S04E08 but his death was alluded to in S04E06.

    Proper continuity order can be found in the production codes. So, here we have a list of all episodes of Archer in the proper order that they take place.

    1 "Mole Hunt" S01E01 AR01001
    2 "Training Day" S01E02 AR01002
    3 "Killing Utne" S01E04 AR01003
    4 "Diversity Hire" S01E03 AR01004
    5 "Honeypot" S01E05 AR01005
    6 "Skorpio" S01E06 AR01006
    7 "Skytanic" S01E07 AR01007
    8 "The Rock" S01E08 AR01008
    9 "Job Offer" S01E09 AR01009
    10 "Dial M for Mother" S01E10 AR01010
    11 "Blood Test" S02E03 XAR02001
    12 "Swiss Miss" S02E01 XAR02002
    13 "Movie Star" S02E07 …

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