Most of the time, episodes are aired in the order they take place in. But sometimes, that doesn't happen. The most notable example of which is when Bilbo died in S04E08 but his death was mentioned to have already happened in S04E06.

Proper continuity order can be found in the production codes. So, here we have a list of all episodes of Archer in the proper order that they take place.

Episodes in continuity order

No. Title S/E Production
1 "Mole Hunt" S01E01 AR01001
2 "Training Day" S01E02 AR01002
3 "Killing Utne" S01E04 AR01003
4 "Diversity Hire" S01E03 AR01004
5 "Honeypot" S01E05 AR01005
6 "Skorpio" S01E06 AR01006
7 "Skytanic" S01E07 AR01007
8 "The Rock" S01E08 AR01008
9 "Job Offer" S01E09 AR01009
10 "Dial M for Mother" S01E10 AR01010
11 "Blood Test" S02E03 XAR02001
12 "Swiss Miss" S02E01 XAR02002
13 "Movie Star" S02E07 XAR02003
14 "The Double Deuce" S02E05 XAR02004
15 "Tragical History" S02E06 XAR02005
16 "A Going Concern" S02E02 XAR02006
17 "Pipeline Fever" S02E04 XAR02007
18 "Stage Two" S02E08 XAR02008
19 "Placebo Effect" S02E09 XAR02009
20 "El Secuestro" S02E10 XAR02010
21 "Jeu Monégasque" S02E11 XAR02011
22 "White Nights" S02E12 XAR02012
23 "Double Trouble" S02E13 XAR02013
24 "Heart of Archness: Part I" S03E01 XAR03001
25 "Heart of Archness: Part II" S03E02 XAR03002
26 "Heart of Archness: Part III" S03E03 XAR03003
27 "Lo Scandalo" S03E08 XAR03004
28 "The Man From Jupiter" S03E04 XAR03005
29 "El Contador" S03E05 XAR03006
30 "The Limited" S03E06 XAR03007
31 "Drift Problem" S03E07 XAR03008
32 "Crossing Over" S03E10 XAR03009
33 "Bloody Ferlin" S03E09 XAR03010
34 "Skin Game" S03E11 XAR03011
35 "Space Race: Part I" S03E12 XAR03012
36 "Space Race: Part II" S03E13 XAR03013
37 "Fugue and Riffs" S04E01 XAR04001
38 "Coyote Lovely" S04E08 XAR04002
39 "The Wind Cries Mary" S04E02 XAR04003
40 "Legs" S04E03 XAR04004
41 "Midnight Ron" S04E04 XAR04005
42 "Viscous Coupling" S04E05 XAR04006
43 "Once Bitten" S04E06 XAR04007
44 "Live and Let Dine" S04E07 XAR04008
45 "The Honeymooners" S04E09 XAR04009
46 "Un Chien Tangerine" S04E10 XAR04010
47 "The Papal Chase" S04E11 XAR04011
48 "Sea Tunt: Part I" S04E12 XAR04012
49 "Sea Tunt: Part II" S04E13 XAR04013
50 "White Elephant" S05E01 XAR05001
51 "Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying" S05E02 XAR05002
52 "Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor" S05E03 XAR05003
53 "Archer Vice: House Call" S05E04 XAR05004
54 "Archer Vice: Southbound and Down" S05E05 XAR05005
55 "Archer Vice: Baby Shower"[1] S05E06 XAR05009
56 "Archer Vice: Smugglers' Blues" S05E07 XAR05006
57 "Archer Vice: The Rules of Extraction" S05E08 XAR05007
58 "Archer Vice: On the Carpet" S05E09 XAR05008
59 "Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue, Part I" S05E10 XAR05010
60 "Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue, Part II" S05E11 XAR05011
61 "Archer Vice: Filibuster" S05E12 XAR05012
62 "Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure" S05E13 XAR05013
63 "The Holdout" S06E01 XAR06001
64 "Three to Tango" S06E02 XAR06002
65 "The Archer Sanction" S06E03 XAR06003
66 "Edie's Wedding" S06E04 XAR06004
67 "Vision Quest" S06E05 XAR06005
68 "Sitting" S06E06 XAR06006
69 "Nellis" S06E07 XAR06007
70 "The Kanes" S06E08 XAR06008
71 "Pocket Listing" S06E09 XAR06009
72 "Reignition Sequence" S06E10 XAR06010
73 "Achub Y Morfilod" S06E11 XAR06011
74 "Drastic Voyage: Part I" S06E12 XAR06012
75 "Drastic Voyage: Part II" S06E13 XAR06013
76 "The Figgis Agency" S07E01 XAR07001
77 "The Handoff" S07E02 XAR07002
78 "Deadly Prep" S07E03 XAR07003
79 "Motherless Child" S07E04 XAR07004
80 "Bel Panto: Part I" S07E05 XAR07005
81 "Bel Panto: Part II" S07E06 XAR07006
82 "Double Indecency" S07E07 XAR07007
83 "Liquid Lunch" S07E08 XAR07008
84 "Deadly Velvet: Part I" S07E09 XAR07009
85 "Deadly Velvet: Part II" S07E10 XAR07010
86 "Archer Dreamland: No Good Deed" S08E01 XAR08001
87 "Archer Dreamland: Berenice" S08E02 XAR08002
88 "Archer Dreamland: Jane Doe" S08E03 XAR08003
89 "Archer Dreamland: Ladyfingers" S08E04 XAR08004
90 "Archer Dreamland: Sleepers Wake" S08E05 XAR08005
91 "Archer Dreamland: Waxing Gibbous" S08E06 XAR08006
92 "Archer Dreamland: Gramercy, Halberd!" S08E07 XAR08007
93 "Archer Dreamland: Auflösung" S08E08 XAR08008
94 "Danger Island: Strange Pilot" S09E01 XAR09001
95 "Danger Island: Disheartening Situation" S09E02 XAR09002
96 "Danger Island: Different Modes of Preparing Fruit" S09E03 XAR09003
97 "Danger Island: A Warrior in Costume" S09E04 XAR09004
98 "Danger Island: Strange Doings in the Taboo Groves" S09E05 XAR09005
99 "Danger Island: Some Remarks on Cannibalism" S09E06 XAR09006
100 "Danger Island: Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples" S09E07 XAR09007
101 "Danger Island: A Discovery" S09E08 XAR09008


  1. Despite the production number, "Archer Vice: Baby Shower" takes place in between "Archer Vice: Southbound and Down" and "Archer Vice: Smugglers' Blues." Evidence: Malory tells Pam that she'd better not "cock [Lana's baby shower] up like [she] did Texas," referencing the events of "Southbound and Down." Continuity can also be found in the amount of cocaine the former ISIS crew has left; in the events of "Archer Vice: On the Carpet," the group basically has no cocaine left, whereas Krieger is able to run his own online pharmacy, which turns out to be a sham, in "Baby Shower." Also in "On the Carpet," we see Gustavo Calderon for the first time as the events in San Marcos are explained; in "Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue, Part I," the group jets off to San Marcos. There would be no reason to hold a baby shower for Lana before jetting off to San Marcos, especially since Calderon has a connection to Slater.