• Spyguy43

    Archer cast googling

    August 6, 2015 by Spyguy43

    I'm one of those people, like many, many more.. I hope, that likes to google (Insert animated whatever here) cast. So I can closer identify with what I'm watching. Archer is the first one I've searched with over seventy five percent of the cast, looking just like the characters they bring to life through voice. I'm only giving it a seventy five percent based on the core group plus Woodhouse. Judy Greer and Carol, Sheryl, Crys.. you know what? You get it. They are quite similar in look and comedic expression, and I love all of them. Judy is great whatever she does and any episode is better when it's Tunt heavy! Really? Nobody's gonna touch that huh? Okay let's move on to Lana Kane! Aisha and Lana are very similar, very sexy either way. I l…

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  • Spyguy43

    This is my idea for a season seven opener.

    "The Hoard" Exterior- Run down waterfront warehouse on an island Interior- Darkened warehouse floor, core group enters minus Sterling and Ray Malory: "Sterling?! Sterling?.. STERLING!" Archer: "What?! Jesus! I'm over here mother!"

    Exterior- A sickly rental sailboat bobs out at the pier. Interior warehouse-

    Malory (disgusted): "All right Sterling, you've got us all here on this excuse for.. LAND! Why?!" Sterling (Villain ish): "I have a secret.. mother.. Would you like to know what it is?" Group (impatient): "YES!" Malory: "Sterling dear, I've spent most of my morning on aboard the "float'n'blow", with these four, puking and stinking up the boat worse! As if that wasn't enough, then came the seagulls!…

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  • Spyguy43

    2016 Season

    August 3, 2015 by Spyguy43

    SO GLAD they aren't killing off Ray! That would be like losing the foil at a cookout, the food just wouldn't turn out, you know? So I'll start with Ray. I think the Krieger should do a full on Barry Dillon with him at this point. Completely borged out, and yet Archer is still able to get to him because of the undeniable background friendship they have. Push Ray-2 Gee-2 (Ray Gillete v 2.0. I came up with that all alone. Okay my cat helped) all season long and have him go "RAMMPAAAAGE!!" for the final double header episode.

    Archer. We were all blown away to see the best of him bubble to the surface on the beach with Sato. I still choke up. Open the season with Archer's greatest mission yet. To find out what happened to Woodhouse. After reve… Read more >
  • Spyguy43

    Farewell Woodhouse

    August 1, 2015 by Spyguy43

    By now it is well known, that George Julian Cohen, venerable actor and voice of the mistreated valet Woodhouse has passed away at 86 years of age after a long illness. His credits are lengthy, spanning 59 years. I will always remember the life and indominable spirit he brought to the character of Woodhouse. It is my sincerest hope, that Woodhouse is not simply forgotten and left out of the show. Please Adam Reed, for the next season, give him a fitting farewell. I cannot believe that Sterling would be unaffected by his longtime father figure's disappearance. As self centered and ass holish as Archer can be, we all know there's a deep love for Woodhouse. It's his juvenile, gotta be a he man attitude, that bottles and holds his true feelings…

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  • Spyguy43

    Luck? Or confidence!

    October 19, 2014 by Spyguy43

    Today, a friend and I were discussing the unerring luck of Sterling Malory Archer. My friend, we'll call him "Not Archer", argued that Archer had to have been born with a golden horseshoe tucked neatly up his...undies. I countered his point expressing the opinion that it wasn't possibly luck because it doesn't exist. Confident skill is what keeps this man alive. This brought about the argument that he was essentially a man child, a ten year old in a grown body with a rampant case of puberty. In this light my mental opponent postulated that Archer was too stupid to have skills like that and therefore was merely lucky. My final argument was that his manchild demeanor did not preclude the ability to be trained. Something his mother did, most …

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