I'm one of those people, like many, many more.. I hope, that likes to google (Insert animated whatever here) cast. So I can closer identify with what I'm watching. Archer is the first one I've searched with over seventy five percent of the cast, looking just like the characters they bring to life through voice. I'm only giving it a seventy five percent based on the core group plus Woodhouse. Judy Greer and Carol, Sheryl, Crys.. you know what? You get it. They are quite similar in look and comedic expression, and I love all of them. Judy is great whatever she does and any episode is better when it's Tunt heavy! Really? Nobody's gonna touch that huh? Okay let's move on to Lana Kane! Aisha and Lana are very similar, very sexy either way. I love the fact Aisha once threatened she'd physically fight ANYONE who tried to take Lana from her. This is one reason the feature length movie has to be animated. No live action. Another reason is .. H. Jon Benjamin! Totally believable as Bob Berger, as Archer... not so much. Just kidding you H! Love you, nobody could give Sterling the voice life you have. I mean that. Sterling Archer is Shaggy to your Casey Kasem. But you look nothing like Archer. Pam Poovey and Amber Nash have similar looks and traits, but Amber has the better body. Curvy and shapely at all the right spots. George Coe, Lucky Yates and Jessica Walter share traits with their animation that are very close.. scarily so in Lucky's case. Jessica you are more beautiful than Malory's ever been! Then there's Ray Gilette. The obvious difference between Ray Gilette and Adam Reed should be obvious to all who've seen them both. It's cock size. Sorry Adam but we've all seen your drunken instagrams, and Ray is bigger. Cyril! Another case of cartoon more endowed than voice actor. It's a sickening trend that needs to stop.. before someone animates me! Chris Parnel rounds out the fine cast that all in all, look like their respective characters! Something I don't think has ever been done before, to this degree. Chris, I love you in Rick and Morty too! The progressive bundle box?... not so much. Can you get me in touch with Flo?