By now it is well known, that George Julian Cohen, venerable actor and voice of the mistreated valet Woodhouse has passed away at 86 years of age after a long illness. His credits are lengthy, spanning 59 years. I will always remember the life and indominable spirit he brought to the character of Woodhouse. It is my sincerest hope, that Woodhouse is not simply forgotten and left out of the show. Please Adam Reed, for the next season, give him a fitting farewell. I cannot believe that Sterling would be unaffected by his longtime father figure's disappearance. As self centered and ass holish as Archer can be, we all know there's a deep love for Woodhouse. It's his juvenile, gotta be a he man attitude, that bottles and holds his true feelings. As the band Pink Floyd pointed out, "The rusty wire that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in.. gives way, and suddenly, it's day again. Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend, we are all equal.. in the end. Rest with God's grace and love Woodhouse, George Coe. Bless.