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Top Season One Villians

T8765 April 7, 2011 User blog:T8765
Mannfred and Uta

Mannfred and Uta (Killing Utne)

Charles and Rudy

Charles and Rudy (The Honeypot)


Captain Lammers (Skytanic)


Conway Stern (Diversity Hire)

What Season 1 Archer villain or villain team, who is still alive, would you most like to see make a comeback?

Conway Stern (Diversity Hire)

Mannfred and Ute (Killing Utne)

Charles and Rudy (The Honeypot)

Captain Lammers (Skytanic)

Ok to qualify these selections: I said villain not arch villain so ODIN and KGB personnel are out, also I said still alive so unfortunately Crenshaw and Skorpio are out too.

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