The last couple episodes were fantastic, but for different reasons.

Viscous Coupling had me on the floor laughing so many times. The ridiculousness of Sterling trying to win Katya's heart (or whatever's in there) were fantastic. Krieger adamant about robot fights. And the whole gang being into tentacle porn ("how is that a genre?") Perhaps the most hilarious episode this season, for so many reasons.

Once Bitten was an episode I wasn't excited about, so what Sterling gets bit in the genitals? But thankfully, it was the taint, and there was the ridiculous ranting about taints with Cyril, Ray, and Sterling. However, halfway through it took a somber and eerie tone with a fantastic (cut-rate) James Mason sighting and terrific haunting music. (Reminded me somewhat of one of my favourite Simpsons episodes with Johnny Cash as the Space Coyote.) Anyway, the eerieness of the horns, and Ruth Anne Litzenberger shooting Sterling, and Sterling finally remembering his father, but not his face. So many questions. Really really interesting.

And Bilbo really dead? Krieger said Malory shot 'the fat guy in charge of satellites'.

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