• TonyTiger76

    We're finally approaching the season 5 finale. Any predictions on how it will end?

    We know the title is "Arrivals/Departures." It's pretty easy to guess what "arrivals" part refers to: Lana's baby. But what about the "departures"? Is a main character going to die?

    From the montage preview (YouTube video) at the end of "White Elephant," we see most of the gang floating on a raft with the tiger. But Cherlene and Krieger are not with them. I sure hope neither of them die. Krieger especially is one of my favorite characters. (Later on the clip, we see a helicopter getting shot down by a missile. Maybe that is why they end up in the raft.)

    At about 2:35 of the above linked video, we see someone that kinda resembles Calderon pounding on a table say…

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