We're finally approaching the season 5 finale. Any predictions on how it will end?

We know the title is "Arrivals/Departures." It's pretty easy to guess what "arrivals" part refers to: Lana's baby. But what about the "departures"? Is a main character going to die?

From the montage preview (YouTube video) at the end of "White Elephant," we see most of the gang floating on a raft with the tiger. But Cherlene and Krieger are not with them. I sure hope neither of them die. Krieger especially is one of my favorite characters. (Later on the clip, we see a helicopter getting shot down by a missile. Maybe that is why they end up in the raft.)

At about 2:35 of the above linked video, we see someone that kinda resembles Calderon pounding on a table saying he wants Archer dead. But is that really Calderon or someone else?

There are a some other clips in that preview video from Episode 1 that don't make sense anymore. One is Lana wearing a completely different outfit saying her water just broke, but we know from this week's episode that is not how it happens. Another is Cherlene actually getting kidnapped by the biker gang in "Southbound and Down".

There's quite a lot in that teaser video that hasn't happened yet, and it's hard to see how it can all get squeezed in to one episode. So maybe they ended up teasing up with some footage that did not end up being used. Is Archer really going to end up in Laos with Chi?

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