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The ISIS armory

There is a huge amount of weaponry used in Archer by various characters. The weapons are a reflection of the unique universe that Archer exists in with a combination of modern and old technology. The improvement of artwork seen in the show can easily interpt weapons used. These weapons include mostly firearms from Post-WW2 and Vietnam War Era weapons. Some include the M14, AK-47,  MP-40, and weapons on the ISIS armory. However, some Post-Vietnam guns can be seen, TMP, and other weapons of the ISIS armory wall (ex.: an MP5SD3 is seen).

Weapons ListEdit


Submachine GunsEdit

Rifles/ sniperEdit

1. M409

2. M99

Machine GunsEdit

  • Maxim MG08/15 machine guns


Armory GunsEdit

NOTE**: Most of these haven't been seen fired, these guns can be easily interpted by shape, and close up appearances

  • AK-74 machine guns
  • Lewis Gun
  • Stinger Rocket Launcher
  • P.I.A.T.
  • M60 machine guns with bipod folded
  • vz-61 Skorpion(.32 ACP)
  • MPL
  • AMC Auto Mag Pistol
  • Heckler & Koch P7
  • M16A2/M16A1 with A2 Hand Guards
  • double barreled shotguns
  • battelle tactical air initiated launch system: grappling hook gun
  • modern recurve bows(compound version)
  • crossbows


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