Archer Moto Hostage

Archer holds Mr. Moto hostage using a modified Winchester Model 1892 rifle.

The Winchester Model 1892 is a lever action repeating rifle designed by John Browning as a lighter weight pistol caliber rifle. Through it's run the gun utilized several different calibers, and some were customized to accept other rounds. The gun arrived during the waning years of the 19th century, but became popular in movies and television westerns among actors and fans alike. The particular gun in question has several visible modifications and looks very similar to the rifle "Mare's Leg" used by Steve McQueen in the TV western Wanted Dead Or Alive. Archer also reloads the gun by putting his finger through the lever and swinging it through a complete circle to reload it one handed, just as McQueen's character Josh Randall was known to do.

Appearances: Edit

  • In "Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor", the gang takes refuge inside the Tunt Mansion. As Cheryl shows them a gun case full of antique and collectible firearms, all of them loaded, Archer appears brandishing the modified Winchester. Later, he points and shoots the rifle while holding Yakuza boss Mr. Moto at gunpoint in his limousine.

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