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Mr. Moto, head of the Yakuza
First appearance "Drift Problem"
Type of organization Organized crime, drift car racing, grand theft auto, and drug trafficking
Operational structure
Headquarters Japan
Head of organization Mr. Moto
"Against those pinkyless bastards, you had better come correct."
Pam Poovey[src]

The Yakuza is a Japanese criminal organization.[1] They engage in drift car racing, grand theft auto, and drug trafficking. Some members are proficient with a sniper rifle.[2]

Known MembersEdit


  • Their nickname for Pam is "Shiro Kabocha," which means "white pumpkin," but Pam thought it meant "white shadow."[3]
  • Yoshi is Mr. Moto's driver. Even though he is big, he was overcome by Sterling Archer fairly easily.[2]


Appearances for Yakuza


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